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Come check out our amazing facility, meet our expert cadre of coaches and staff and stay for the awesome community!

Free Trial



$185 per month

Monthly - 12 Classes

$170 per month

3-Class On Ramp


Drop In Class


How Each Option Works

Free Trial – Come see what its all about with this no obligation free trial!  You will be coached through a one-hour session where you will experience the following:
10 minutes of Range of Motion and Yoga Stretches
10 minutes of Light Warm Up to get the blood pumping
Strength Program Consisting of one or two primary lifts
Metcon- Metabolic Conditioning Designed to burn up calories and raise your metabolism so that you burn fat while you go about your day

3 Day On-Ramp – We use this one on one personal training sessions to ensure that you have to the base knowledge to move safely.  We discuss nutrition and stretching to take care of your body before and after exercise.  These one on one training sessions can be done in any CrossFit class but does require advance notice.  This program is required for the athlete that does not have any experience with CrossFit.

Unlimited – This membership package is for the athlete looking to make the most of their fitness for the month.  This athlete will be able to come to as many classes as they like per month.

12 Classes per Month – This membership allows the athlete the flexibility to pick any 12 workouts to attend in the given month!  If you travel alot and are unsure if you can make it every day this will allow you to adjust to fit your schedule!

Drop in Class – Click Drop In if you are from out of town or just visiting! This option is not available if you have not completed the On-Ramp program or have prior experience with CrossFit.


The Results may vary from person to person.