What: Come get more proficient in pistol training with added fitness elements.

Who Can come: Anyone who wants to be safer and more effective with their pistol to protect their family and property. Must be old enough to fight for your country preferably drink a beer.

When: October 21st – 7:00 am sharp – 11:00 am

Where: Brazos River Sportsmens Club
3525 Bowser Road Fulshear, TX 77441
(281) 543-1667

Cost: $125 by October 21st After $150 until Close Registration October 25th Does not include ammo.

What you get:

1)    Safety Briefing Do’s and Don’ts
2)    Practical Shooting Experience on Steel and paper targets
3)    Draw and Shoot Practice
4)    Physical fitness Challenges During and Between shooting events
5)    Long Sleeve Dryfit Shirt Value $35 included in registration
6)    Awesome Action Pics
7)    Certificate of Completion – Fitness and Firearms Level 1
8)    Knowledge that could save your life

Instructor Info: Lance Chaar

1)    NRA Certified Instructor
a.    Pistol
b.    Rifle
c.    Shotgun
2)    NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer
3)    Army Combat Vet
4)    Graduate of Executive Security International
5)    Firearms Instructor Since 2012

Things you will need:

1)    Pistol
2)    Pistol Holster Outside the Waste Band Style no retention
3)    Spare Magazines (two mags min)
4)    Magazine holder if have it
5)    150 Rounds of Ammo
6)    Hearing Protection
7)    Eye Protection (Ballistically approved)
8)    Belt
9)    Long breathable and flexible Pants
10)    Hat
11)    Sunscreen
12)    OFF Bug Spray
13)    Cover Toed Shoes or Boots over the ankle
14)    Water for 4 hours in the heat