6:30 pm — 7:30 pm
CrossFit Hippo
1507 Ricefield Dr Suite 216

Houston, TX 77084 United States
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Join Coach Fab and Coach Chelly Friday January 18th at 6:30 PM for our second of our Hippo Skills Lab Series concentrating on Hand-Stand Push-Up Technique!

Hand-stand push-ups are an essential part of our CrossFit workouts and we are excited to provide targeted technique classes to give our athletes the opportunity to continue to grow and improve their CrossFit skills.

Classes will be free for members and regular drop-in fees apply to visitors.


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CrossFit Specialty Course: Gymnastics

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CrossFit Hippo will be hosting the two day CrossFit Specialty Course: Gymnastics on February 9th – 10th. This interactive two-day course will cover basic, intermediate, and advanced gymnastics movements in a lecture setting.  Course participants learn to apply gymnastics principles in training themselves and others to increase strength development, core control and spatial awareness –…