We have been doing this a while and we have found that the 6-week challenge is the sweet spot. We have also found that simple is better. SO for 2020 we are rolling out our Sugar Out Water In Challenge for the first 6 weeks of the year! Here is how it works!

Who can play?: Anyone can participate! Obviously we would love if you were a member of CrossFit Hippo but we would love more for you to get healthy in 2020!

Goal: Eliminate or reduce added sugar from your diet
Increase Water intake to 1/2 oz per pound body weight!

Starts : 1/6/2020
Ends:   2/17/2020

Metrics: Bench Mark workout on 1/6/2020 

Hippo Baseline Workout:
For Time
500m Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull-Ups
Note: All movements are scalable to your fitness level. If you can’t do a movement we will modify it to fit your current ability.

 Body Composition: We will record an In-body analysis each week to verify body composition improvements! The normal scale is a liar!

Before Pics taken on 1/6/2020 at the gym
Final Pics taken on 2/17/2020 at the gym

Weekly Nutrition Check Ins with Coach Christi!

Winner:  Male and Female with the greatest decrease in BF % wins a prize each!

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