I am very proud of the effort and accomplishments from our most recent Hippo Nutrition Challenge 2019.  We have some amazing motivated folks here at CrossFit Hippo.

For the challenge our members stepped on the In-Body to get their Body composition.

They established a 1 Rep Max Back Squat, Push Press, Bench Press and Deadlift.  The strength numbers were then added together and divided by the members body weight.  This gave us their Strength to Weight Ratio!  This was the more weight you lose and the stronger you get the large the change in ratio!

They had the choice of nutrition strategies.  They chose between doing it on their own, custom macro plan and full macro nutrition + coaching.  The challenge was 8 weeks long and had a mid-term In-Body test.

For additional accountability, we randomly divided the group into teams.  These teams shared recipes and strategies with their very own nutrition team leader!  They entered their weight weekly and took pics of their food for points!  Team with the most engagement points WINS!

The Winners from the 8 Week Challenge are…..!!!!!!

Team with Most Engagement Points – Team Chelly

Which includes – Carolina, David C., Christian, Hope, Michelle, Cecilia

Fittest Male Coach – Coach Victor (Macro + Coaching Plan)

Fittest Female Coach – Coach Fab (Macro + Coaching Plan)

Highest Male Ratio – Christian (Macro Plan)

Highest Female Ratio – Michelle (Macro + Coaching Plan)

Highest Masters – Mike (Macro Plan)

Largest Male Change in Ratio – Christian (Macro Plan)

Largest Female Change in Ratio – Kristen (Macro + Coaching Plan)

Largest Master Change in Ratio – Clarence (Macro + Coaching Plan)

Important Take Away from this Challenge

All of our winners were in the Top 10 highest points on the engagement side of things.  This means they were highly involved in their own success.  50% of the Winners were on Team Chelly that also had the highest engagement.  Way to go Coach Chelly! The Winners of a challenge like this are not always the most over weight participants.  The winners are the most consistent participants.  They ask for help. They stay on top of the tracking when on the Macro plans.  Christian won both categories with also the highest engagement points.  Michelle just had a baby a while back and is crushing it with the highest female strength to weight ratio!

Moral of the story is EFFORT PAYS OFF.  Kill your ego and start your life changing transformation TODAY! We are ramping up our 6-Week Transformation Challenge Now! 

We are ramping up our 6-Week Transformation Challenge Now! 

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