2018 has brought us amazing memories and some crazy times. This post is just a little summary recap of the fitness that we have experienced with this amazing community! You have all done an amazing job working so hard this year! Thank you so much from the Staff here at CrossFit Hippo!

We say it all the time. The key is consistency and hard work. These folks have shown that by showing up the most!

Showing up and working hard affords us the opportunity to crush our personal records. What does it mean to get a PR? It means that you are physically capable of more than you used to be capable of. This would be a lift or a metcon! Great Work everyone!

Great job folks! Crushing those personal records!

Here at CrossFit Hippo we focus on the foundation movements of good strength. These are Squats, Deadlifts and Presses. Without a good level of strength in these lifts the others are just icing on the cake. Its no surprise the most PRs occurred with the Back Squat. The other category has several lifts combined.

2000 PRs is an awesome accomplishment! We expect 2019 to be no different but better! Keep following the process! Remember to keep our core values in mind. HUMBLE-HUNGRY-HAPPY

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