Supplements should be the farthest thing from your focus if you have not first eliminated all the garbage from your diet such as; soft drinks, sugar, desserts, bread and pasta.  Once you get that junk out then focus on what are your meals made of?  Are you getting enough Protein, Fat, and Carbs to support your lifestyle? If all of that is yes then lets talk supplement basics.  I am not a Dr and I don’t claim to be a GURU for this type of stuff.  What I do claim is that I have roughly the same 5 conversations with folks regarding nutrition and inevitably we come across this one.  What supplements do you take? 

Starting left to Right:

FITAID – I drink one of these post workout.  Mainly because its refreshing and it has about 11g of Carbs in them.  Getting a few Carbs in right after the workout in the first 30 mins is critical to restoring your muscles for the next effort.  This recovery drink also has electrolytes, vitamins, and BCAAs.  We carry this in our pro-shop for your convenience!

Fish Oil – I take 3 of these twice a day to keep the OMEGA 3 fatty acids in my body high to keep inflammation in check.  High quality fish oil lowers your cholesterol and is great for your eyes and skin!  We carry this in our pro-shop for your convenience!

Water – I drink as much water as I possibly can.  I shoot for 1 Oz of water per kg of body mass.  I choose to drink it from my awesome Hippo Yeti because it tastes better.

Titos Vodka – Cause a guy has got to cut loose every once in a while.  I’m kidding.  I would never recommend that you drink alcohol as a supplement but at the same time clear liquors are probably a little easier on you then beer or dark liquors.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Complex – This is essentially a salt and is good for keeping all your cartridge lubricated and playable.  This is super cheap insurance for your joints.  WE only get one set of cartilage so we need to take care of it.  We carry this in our pro-shop for your convenience!

Echinacea – This a natural aid to your immune system.  Super cheap and will help bolster your immune system.

Zyrtec – Cause I have mean allergies! 

Vitamin C – Helps boost your immune system

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil – This one is good for alot of things.  I use it for general inflammation and to help me concentrate during the day.  Some folks use it for anxiety.   We carry this in our pro-shop for your convenience!

Jameson Whiskey – Refer to note about Vodka.  However, this is not a clear colorless liquor it is nice to change it up a bit.

Olive Leaf Extract – This one is new for me and recommended by Mike.  This is a natural immune system builder.

To wrap up, I don’t believe supplements are a huge part of your success as an athlete but it can take care a couple holes in your diet that you may not be filling with perfect food choices. Hope this helps ya’ll a bit. Remember there are no silver bullets and quick fixes. If you ever need any support with your nutrition hit us up at

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