Coach’s Note

Ever since I started CrossFit Hippo in my house in 2014, I have been making mistakes and learning.  We don’t do everything right.  We do try to do everything for the right reasons.  We are working diligently behind the scenes to clarify our vision and solidify our talented team in order to provide the best gym experience in the world.

Does everyone fit? No.

This is a very difficult realization for someone like me who WANTS everyone to fit and be happy.  Truth is.  They don’t and that is GREAT!  Both for the people who don’t see eye to eye and for the gym.  These wonderful people are free to flourish in an environment that better suits their goals.

Have we met our goal yet?  No. Everyday we inch closer.  All the small changes make big changes and we move closer to the right people in the right seats doing the best job they can.  Below is a little piece of our newly minted Philosophy for our team.  Thank you for your patience in working towards being the best fitness facility in the world.  This is extremely hard.  If it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it!

~Coach Hippo

CrossFit Hippo Team PHILOSOPHY

As team members of CrossFit Hippo we have the amazing opportunity to coach, train, and spend most of our day with people we love, doing what we enjoy most in life.

We are only as good as the staff we have, and we do everything in our power to ensure their effectiveness as leaders and their happiness as employees and people. We do our best to educate, provide constructive feedback, encourage further education and personal development, and ensure they are living the lives that our members strive for. Our staff consists of the most Humble, Hungry, and Happy people in our community.

Our staff has an unyielding commitment to our members’ results, feelings, and safety, and to creating an environment that is professional, fun, caring, and inspiring.

We (the staff, coaches, and management) lead by example. We are the standard that our members strive to become. We are super heroes, role models, leaders, and friends. While we are dedicated, committed, passionate, giving, knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly — we are first and foremost Humble, Hungry, and People Smart.

We believe that we can improve every member’s life. We embrace this belief and accept it as our responsibility. We set it as a measure of our accountability.

Our primary focus is on the health, happiness, and sense of belonging of our current members. Attracting new members is not a priority. This is a departure from the traditional business model of putting the majority of effort, energy, and expenditure into increasing membership. We do everything we can to make our members feel like they are part of the CrossFit Hippo Family, and the CrossFit Hippo Family is based on a trusting and caring community.

Our members are the most important people that are ever in our building. They are not dependent on coaches; we are dependent on them. Our members never interrupt our work; they are the purpose of our work. We are not doing our members a favor by coaching them. They are doing us a favor by allowing us to coach them. Our attitude and service to our members is what separates us from everyone else. Our members are as much a part of our business as any staff member. Our members are our friends and family. Respect each one like they are your mother or father and treat them like they are your best friends.

We are an open source community from management to staff to members. We communicate clearly, directly, and professionally with members, coaches, and management. We are a family, which is built upon trust.

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