What are MEPs?

MEPs stand for MYZONE EFFORT POINTS. When you wear your MYZONE MZ3 heart rate monitor during the workout or exercise outside the gym, you will be tracking your effort as well as the total calories you have burned during that effort.  This helps ensure that the feeling you experience during the effort matches what is actually happening in your body.  Often, we can experience a rate of perceived effort (RPE) that does not match our actual output.  This can be caused from over training, sickness, excessive soreness, lack of recovery or even anxiety to push your body.  To prevent this short change during exercise, we recommend you wear your MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor and earn at least 100 MEPs per day.  Here is how that breaks out!

Example of a typical WOD and MEPs earned:

Warm Up: 0- 10 mins 15 MEPs

1 MEP / minute in the Gray zone for the first 5 mins

2 MEP / minute in the Blue zone for the second 5 mins

Strength: 11- 26 mins 16 MEPs

1 MEP / minute with a rest minute or two between sets

2 MEPs / minute reaching Blue zone during the lift.

Set Up: 27 – 32 mins 5 MEPs

Your heart rate will undoubtedly slow (1 MEP / minute) as you get you stuff out for the WOD

METCON:  33- 60 mins 98 MEPs

Half the time in the Green Zone (3 MEPs / minute) 30 MEPs

Half the time in the Yellow Zone (4 MEPs / minute) 68 MEPs

Total MEPs for the entire class would be 134 MEPs.

With this break out you can see that a minimum of 100 MEPs per class is easily attainable.

You may ask why we wouldn’t emphasize a specific calorie burn per WOD.  The reason is calories burned is dependent on the heartrate range as well as the size of the athlete. For example, I can do the same exact workout (270 lb Hippo) and get the same MEPs as smaller athlete. While our MEPs are the same our calorie burn is quite different.  Mine as a larger athlete would be almost double due to the large difference in body weight your body takes a drastically different amount of fuel to produce the same power. This makes MEPs a very universal target to shoot for per day.

So, what happens if you finish the workout and you have not achieved your 100 MEP goal?  Simple!  You should have just tried harder!  I’m kidding.  Jump on an Air Bike, Rower or go for a jog.  I like to use the rower and try to keep my heart rate between 140 – 150 bpm which is my Green to Yellow Zone earning me 3 – 4 MEPs per minute until I hit 100!

We will be running a special til the end of the year where you can purchase an MZ3 with a 30-day money back guarantee!  Try it for 30 days and if you don’t love it then you get a full refund!  Details to follow! So, if you want to get the most out of your fitness experience grab a MYZONE MZ3 in the pro-shop and get after it!  How many days in a row can you hit 100?!

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