Athlete of the Month – Raquel Rivera

Raquel thank you for being you.  You have been consistently improving while remaining coachable!  Keep up the great work in and out of the gym! We will have to talk about this Coke taste testing business hahaha


  1. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF?  I am a full time working mom of 2, a 21 yrs old and a 4 yr old.  Yes- I started all over again!!  My oldest is in College studying to be an Architect and my 4-year-old aspires to me a ballerina.  I also have 3 step children who I love thanks to my hubs Jesse.


  1. WHAT IS ONE THING WE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU OR BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT? I have worked for Coca-Cola Refreshments for 20 yrs. And I am an official coke tester!! Yes, It’s a thing! LOL


  1. WHAT MADE YOU START CROSSFIT? I saw a road sign on my way to work about CF Hippo and though it was an all-women CrossFit gym and it would be great to try it. Who else would name a gym Hippo.  I showed up on the day of the Grand Opening and fell in love with the hippo vibes right away and the fact that there was beer involved after the workout!  BTW- Not all women but still loved it.


  1. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT CROSSFIT? The Hippos!! I absolutely love the comradery and the coaches.


  1. WHAT IS YOUR PROUDEST CROSSFIT MOMENT? Best moment for me was my 215-pound PR back squat!! I still can’t believe it!




  1. WHAT ARE YOUR CROSSFIT GOALS? HOW CLOSE ARE YOU TO REACHING THEM? My goal is double-unders. I am almost there, I can currently tie 3-4 at a time.  I have my singles down to an art. HA


  1. WHAT IMPACT HAS CROSSFIT HIPPO HAD ON YOUR LIFE IN AND OUT OF THE GYM? CrossFit has made what seems like the impossible, possible! If you break down the reps into sets of 5, do a little at a time, strategize and make a plan, you can get through IT!


  1. WHAT MAKES CROSSFIT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FITNESS PROGRAMS THAT YOU’VE TRIED IN THE PAST? The community. I learned something that I heard during the CrossFit games. CrossFit is the only sport were everyone cheers for the last person!  I don’t know who said it but it can’t be more true!!


  1. IF YOU COULD CREATE A WOD, WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE? It would be like the game were you spin your forehead on a bat and attempt to run the bases. Hot mess.


  1. WHEN YOU’RE NOT AT CROSSFIT, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO? Enjoying time with my husband and kids.


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