By: Christy Jeffery

New Year’s Resolutions, yeah yeah yeah, it’s finally that time. Do you know what the top 2 Resolutions of all time are? Or have you ever made any of these?

  1. Go to the gym – which is never very specific
  2. Eat better – again, no one ever knows what this means

Both are positive lifestyle habits and we are thankful here at CrossFit Hippo that we can help make a huge impact on both of these, but what do those things even mean? So let’s talk about where we need to head for 2018.

At the beginning of the holiday season we had a short Goal Setting Seminar about how we need to structure goals, scroll back on our Facebook page to find the live feed. The jist of our seminar was about setting SMART Goals.

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Specific

Right now, is the perfect time to reset those goals and start working towards a better you. Instead of saying “Go to the gym” why don’t we say, “Go the gym every Monday, Wednesday, Friday before work at 6:00am, and every Saturday at 9:00am when there are no conflicts.” I think we can all agree that when we put it that way, it is much easier to get into the gym 3-4x/week, versus, saying we will just go to the gym.

New Year New-Trition

Let’s talk about the hard stuff, what we eat. Last year we discussed The CrossFit Pyramid, and at the bottom, in the most important slot, we found Nutrition. Digging deeper into Nutrition since we will be starting the Hippo Nutrition Challenge 2018 on January 8th, we have the following Pyramid:


At the bottom, we see listed, calories, because this is the most important concept of nutrition if we are generally speaking. We need a healthy calorie balance in our daily lives to help maintain our body composition and especially if we are trying to lose or gain weight. You might remember a few years back when JJ Watt went public with how many calories he ate per day. The dude downs between 6,000-9,000 calories a day. Can you imagine? If you ate like this, what would happen? I’m going to take a wild guess and say 99% of you would gain weight (that’s IF, you could even down 9,000 calories). The reverse is true as well, if you’d like to gain a healthy 10 lbs, but you’re only eating 1200 calories a day, your balance is out of wack.

When we think about calories, we actually aren’t even thinking about the quality of food per se. What I mean is that you could eat vegetables, which have calories, or you could eat chocolate, which also has calories. It’s obviously better to lean towards the vegetables, but we must remember that healthy nutrition starts with the ability to balance a daily calorie intake, then we can start making quality adjustments.


PRO/CARB/FAT. This is extremely popular with many nutrition programs today but do you really even know what it means? Put simply, it’s based off your bodyweight, taking fat mass into consideration (if done properly). You’ll have amount recommendations or goals each day. For example, a coach may recommend you have x amount of protein in grams per day if you’re trying to gain muscle mass. Same goes true with carbohydrates and fats. This style of nutrition breakdown has been proven to work with A LOT of people, but does require a foundation of calories balance prior.

We are running the Hippo Nutrition Challenge 2018 starting January 8th and both of these topics will be covered in detail. Our first option, the Meal Plan, will focus on getting a foundational calorie balance, while including a balance between macros. Our second option, the Macro Plan, will allow freedom in Meal Plans, so you get to choose, but requires a strict Macro breakdown each day. January 7th is the last day for registration if you’d like to be in the running for prize $ at the end. We will accept registrations through January 12th, but just know you will not be in the running for the prize money (but improving your nutrition is an awesome side prize to yourself). Click here to read more and get signed up today.


We will touch on this part of our pyramid, just briefly, but if you break the word down, you get the meaning. “Micro” meaning the nutrients you need in small amounts. Think vitamins and minerals like Iodine, Magnesium, Iron, Vit. A and C, just to name a few. You can find all of these in the foods you eat, if it’s healthy. And even though these nutrients are needed in small doses, if you are deficient there will be major impacts on your health.

Meal Time/Frequency

As we move up the pyramid remember that these last two steps are the most refined. Eating at the appropriate time and frequency is important, but if you don’t have a good daily calorie balance, adequate daily macros, and sufficient micronutrients, meal timing doesn’t do you a whole lot of good, you’re just focusing on the wrong aspect of your nutrition.


Are you surprised this is at the top of the pyramid? Supplements are nutritional products that we take because we can’t obtain our requirements through food. In our upcoming Challenge one of our big discussions will be how to use Supplementation. Since our challenge spans three full months, we will be introducing the concept in Month 2, after we have created a solid foundation from food.


The New Year is here; don’t let 2018 fly by without making a positive lifestyle change that sticks. Set 2-3 goals for the year, and make sure that one of them includes your nutrition. It’s the foundation of everything you do in the gym. If you’d like to be part of our three month Hippo Nutrition Challenge 2018 and take the guess work out of getting starting get signed up today.

Click here for official registration.

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