It goes without saying we have had an amazing year here at CrossFit Hippo.  Thank you to everyone who made it so special! Here is a brief summary of your awesome fitness year!

3,100 personal metcon records have been crushed this year!  Total number of workouts performed at Rx is 3,500!

Looks like we lifted about 1,400,000 pounds this year!  2,800 Personal Lifting Records have been broken this year!  Looks like we do love the back squat that is for sure!

Big shout out to Shaun for the attendance record for the men this year!  Chelly bringin it home for the girls!  Most PRs broken this year for the men is Chance.  Chelly has broken the most personal records for the ladies this year!

I am very proud of everyone this year for your continued commitment to the herd.  You all have decided that average is not good enough.  Let’s make 2018 even better!  Be sure you set those goals for 2018 and let us help you crush them!

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