Hippo Nutrition Challenge 2018

Here is how the challenge works! Enjoy your holiday and come back ready to work on your health!  Choose your plan type with the following questions.  Then get your body composition with the Body Analytics hydro-static weigh in January 8th and 9th.  This will give you your accurate lean muscle mass and help the coaches tailor your nutrition to feed the athlete and starve the couch potato.  You will be supported and educated to your weight loss goal with your nutrition coach by your side for the next 12 weeks!  More detail at the link at the bottom of the frequently asked questions!

Use the CODE:  EARLYBIRD at checkout for an additional $25 off!  Bring the spouse couples are welcome!  You don’t have to be a member at CrossFit Hippo to participate!

Which Plan Should I Choose?

The Hippo Challenge will have two directions this year to help accommodate everyone on their nutrition journey.

Read through some of the common questions you might have below, and if you have any additional questions, or still aren’t sure which plan to choose talk with Christy or George or you can email nutrition@crossfithippo.com

This is my first nutrition challenge, which plan should I choose?

  • If this is your first nutrition challenge we suggest choosing Template #1. This plan is completely laid out for you, and it a great introduction to healthy foods in appropriate portions. It takes a lot of guesswork out about what to buy, prep, and eat.

I’ve been working on my nutrition for awhile, but I’m at a plateau and not sure where to go?

  • If you’ve been working on your nutrition, for let’s say around 6 months, and you understand good choices, and are able to put together and prep good meals we suggest you choose Template #2. This will help you refine your own personal foods and make small tweaks to fit your goals.

I have food allergies or I’m a picky eater:

  • You could go either way. If you have food allergies we can work around those with Template #1 if they are limited. If you’re just picky, you could go either way. But know once you start to introduce healthy eating your taste buds will change. Many people are picky because they refuse to try new foods, so this challenge could help develop those picky taste buds.

EMAIL: nutrition@crossfithippo.com with your questions.

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