There you are crushing the last few reps of a killer AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible in a given time) 3-2-1 and your coach yells TIME!

What you do next says a lot about where you are mentally at the outer extremes of your exertion.  There are a couple type of people at the end of a workout.  Here are a few:

  • The Bend and Gasp – These folks will fold over and just try not to throw up. These folks tend to stand straight up shortly after and may swing out by the bay doors to grab some fresh air.  This is a pretty good way to end a workout as long as you don’t stay bent over too long.  Bending over actually reduces your ability to properly fill your lungs.
  • The Walker – This athlete never stops moving. They may put their arms on their head but one thing is for sure…. They are walking.  This is a great way to end a workout!  What you are telling your body is “I will make you keep moving no matter how bad you want to be still.”  This also is a badass move because other athletes who may choose a different end to their workout climax will look at you still moving and think “How is that gal still walking?”
  • The Flopper – This athlete completes the required work and flops immediately to the ground. Sometimes thrashing about as if they are in the final throws of a violent death.  This is not optimal and ultimately just signaling the other athletes that you worked harder than they did and you can’t possibly hold your own body upright.  These athletes barely muster enough strength to raise their near-death fist for a bump, by more than likely the Walker or the Bend and Gasp.  When you throw yourself on the ground after a workout, you are telling yourself that I gave everything I had.  Is that true?  Most people quit at 40%.  This is based on the fact that I bet if a bear were loose in the gym all of these people will get up and escape probably leading the pack. You are also throwing the parking brake while driving 100 mph down the freeway.  Your system was “givin it all she’s got Captain!” then you just stop dead.  Muscles not firing.  Not moving a muscle.  That is not good. Do you see Olympic sprinters win gold then lay on the ground?  No!  They keep walking even draped in their country’s flag.  The way I look at it… I have never been too tired to congratulate others or move my body at a walk to continue life as I know it.  Get up.  You ain’t dead.
  • The Congratulator – This athlete cannot wait to encourage others to finish the workout or to give a fist bump and a “Great Job!!!” to every athlete that shared this special workout event with them. They are inherently a bit of a Walker maybe even a brief Bend and Gasp. I have never been too tired to encourage others. I have run two marathons, completed a bunch of triathlons and other endurance events where I have never found that encouraging others was beyond my energy reserves.  In reality, focusing on others successes gave me energy.

So, at the end of the WOD it is your choice!  Give it a little thought. How can I add to the energy of others?  Am I too tired to stand?  Am I too tired to cheer someone on?  If so, maybe I am not as fit as I thought I was?


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