I quit. I’ve quit.  I am quitting.  I’ll never quit. Don’t be a quitter.

Sound familiar?  I personally have said all of these.  They can be positives and negatives.  I’ve quit jobs that were toxic.  I’ve quit relationships that were toxic. I’m currently quitting eating carbs.  I’ll never quit on my family.  I’ve told my children to not be quitters.  I’ve also done the negative forms of quitting.  One thing I never quit was learning.  There are times to quit and times to fight for your life.  We will discuss a couple areas where changing course works best.

Here are five areas to change course:

  • QUIT being over critical of yourself and others. If you keep in mind that the vast majority of people are doing the absolute best with the information and skills they have at the time.  Picking apart your life and actions is only going to send you down the path of negativity.  Accept where you are is based on a million decisions you have made over the years.  Some good some bad but all yours.  You are in control of every choice.  Let that sink in.  It’s very powerful!

  • QUIT waiting for the perfect day to start. The time is never going to be perfect.  Never a perfect time to have a baby.  Never a perfect time to start a business.  There is never a good Monday to start a diet. Just START!  A year from now you will wish you had started today.

  • QUIT lying to yourself about your level of effort. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the results you didn’t do the work to earn.  I have personally been super disappointed from trying to lose weight on this diet or that diet only to really reflect on how strict was I?  Did I follow it?  Did I put in half-ass effort expecting whole-ass results?  If you are honest with yourself then chances are you could have done better. SO DO BETTER!

  • QUIT making excuses! No one cares.  Work Harder.  The universe doesn’t care if you had a bad childhood or aren’t the best at something.  I was born with club feet, I have ADD, I’m overweight and I’m knock kneed.  Do you think I can go the bank and say “I’m here for my check?  What check is that sir?  Oh, the one for feeling sorry for me.”    You just have to WORK HARDER!  The thought I have every day is there is someone WAY worse off than you out there killing it right now.  Get off your ASS!  SHUT UP AND WORK HARDER.

  • QUIT being SOFT! If you aren’t dealing with a puppy, child or for guys a lady chances are you need to toughen up.  You hot?  Good suck it up.  You tired?  I bet you there is a single mother working two job still finding…. NO… making time to workout.  You can’t buy that new car?  I bet there is a dude on a bike that wishes he had a car at all!  Your body sore?  Good that means it’s working.  Stretch and eat right!  Take care of yourself.


Here are six things to NEVER QUIT:

  • NEVER QUIT trying to be a positive addition to the world. What I mean is there are pluses and minuses in the world.  Plus shows up with their shit together and so much so they are able to help others.   Minuses show up late with no idea what is happening.  They probably forgot their shoe.  Their life is in a constant state of turmoil.  You know the person I am talking about.  They are mostly drama.  Work every day to be a PLUS.  Be so prepared and on top of it people wonder how the hell you manage. Someday you might feel like a minus but you can fix that as long as you NEVER QUIT.

  • NEVER QUIT working towards your goals. This is a tough one.  I judge my everyday tasks by one criteria.  IS THIS GOING TO MOVE ME CLOSER TO MY GOALS? Yes or No If no cut it short and get back to pushing towards your goal.  You are gonna fail.  Get over it.  What if I told you that I had a magic crystal ball and I knew that you have to fail 32 times then you will have much success!  You will kill yourself to get those 32 failures out of the way.  Bad news I don’t have a crystal ball but what I do know is that you can’t be beaten if you NEVER QUIT pushing towards your goals.  One minute. One day. One inch. One pound. One Rep. Get there.

  • NEVER QUIT on a workout. Before you say it, I know what you are thinking…What if I can’t?  What if I’m hurt?  I’m talking about stopping 15 seconds short on a workout.  Stopping 10 secs short on a row and just coasting.  Quitting with 1 pull-up left.  There is a point in every lift, every workout, every run a breaking point. The point in every workout where you want to quit and it gets too hard and you want to stop.  But you don’t, you break through that threshold and keep going. Everything past that is what matters most. Next time that point moves further and your threshold raises. Push back the quit.  Be able to be honest and say “I gave it everything I had.”

  • NEVER QUIT pursuing mastery. What I mean by mastery is honing your craft in everything you do.  Do you think if you learn how to play guitar you can just stop there?  Don’t practice?  Don’t learn new material? NO.  If you want to be the best at guitar or even just not shitty, you have to practice.  You have to put the time in.  This goes for your health and fitness.  It’s a process, a continuum of improvement with no finish line.  Keep chasing improvement in flexibility, performance and continue to perfect your craft whether it be a hobby or profession.

  • NEVER QUIT doing things that scare you. If it scares you then you probably should go crush it.  I deal with this one every day.  I may be afraid to be honest with someone because I am afraid they might not like what I have to say or they may not like me after I say it.  I’m not doing either of us a service by tiptoeing around the issue or bottling it up.  Talk to everyone like this is the last time you will ever see them or speak to them.  Most fears are about what if and the uncertainty of outcome.  We live a plush life compared to just about every generation before us.  Suck it up and do something that scares you today.  Take the trip.   Buy the girl a drink. Kiss the boy. Jump out of the plane.  News Flash you are already dying. None of us make it out alive.

Fear is a chaotic projection of a painful future.  It’s also the only thing in life that gets smaller when you run towards it.  ~Peter Scott

  • NEVER QUIT on your family. Guys this means your wife and kids.  Ladies this means your husband and kids.  Things are going to get hard.  Refer to list above for guidance and SUCK IT UP.  Guys you are going to think your wife is the most disrespectful thing on the planet at some point.  Don’t quit.  Chances are you are just this side of perfect.  Ladies you’re going to think he is the most unloving sack on the planet.  The good money says you could have given him a little more respect then you did.  NEVER QUIT  If she won’t work then clearly it’s your turn.  If he won’t work then guess what darlin you’re up.

This is a tough one for me.

My wife and I have been through it.  I have wanted to quit more than once.  Hell once a month.  We have been married for like 123,155,323,552 years…or 12 I can’t remember.  One of those numbers is true and the other is how long it feels.  I can with certainty tell you I am not qualified to give marriage advice.  If you have kids I’ll give you the advice a very good friend of mine gave me when I was considering quitting.  He said if I leave I would do irreparable damage to my children and they will never be the same.  He described to me that he was always looked at as the daddy that left.  If he could do it again he would suck it up and not put his family through that.  I’ll never forget that advice.  What if I told you your life is like treading water.  Keep your head above water and you successfully protect and provide for your family.  Quit and fail.  How long can you tread water?  I guarantee you would kick and flutter until your last ounce of energy was expended.  I know I would.

Don’t waste this life.  You only get one.


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