Its Time announce our 2017 CrossFit Open Winners!

First let me say how proud I am of all of you for competing in the 2017 CrossFit Open!!! It is a different animal putting yourself out there and competing! You all did awesome!

We would like to recognize the leaders. We grouped some of the categories together. By taking the Open ranking in the region not in the gym, we established the following lists. We did not use the affiliate specific ranking because it included male and females in the same list and does not delineate between age groups either, so we threw that out. We also threw out folks that didn’t enter scores for all the workouts.

Individual Women:
1) Courtney Ratcliff
2) Fabiola Gonzalez
3) Chelly Osorio

Individual Men:
1) Chance Gonzales
2) Max Ebner
3) Cole Ballard

Midlife Crisis Masters Men:
1) Shaun Encarnacion
2) Roddie Mackenzie
3) Mike Hwozdecki

Masters Women:
1) Sharon Alvarado
2) Kristen Koudelka

Masters Men:
1) Sam Smith
2) Jose Olvera
3) John McKeever

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