First let me say, I am incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication that each and every one of you have put in over the last 12 weeks! For the last 12 weeks we have been running the CrossFit Hippo Strength to Weight Ratio Challenge. This challenge consisted of an initial weigh in to establish the athlete starting weight. We then tested a 1 Rep Max lift on the Bench, Push Press, Deadlift and Back Squat. These lifts were then added together giving total pounds moved and then divided by the athlete’s body weight. We then designed our programming and nutrition support around building these strengths as well as giving enough cardio and calorie burn to reduce body fat. An added bonus was we ran this competition through the Christmas season which is notoriously difficult to control weight gain let alone lose weight! As of yesterday, we completed the final round of testing and weigh in and we have found our winners!

There are three categories of winners: Most Improved Ratio Athlete (male and female separate) and also the Strongest pound for pound Athlete (male and female separate) and finally Strongest pound for pound Coach.

Most Improved Female: Danielle Hirsch


Ratio Change = 0.487
Back Squat= 250
Push Press= 140
Deadlift= 285
Bench= 140

Most Improved Male: Cole Ballard

Ratio Change = 0.577
Back Squat= 290
Push Press= 185
Deadlift= 320
Bench= 220

Strongest Pound for Pound Female: Maria Guzman

Pound for Pound Ratio = 5.430
Back Squat= 230
Push Press= 125
Deadlift= 260
Bench= 105

Strongest Pound for Pound Male: Kevin Kacal

Pound for Pound Ratio = 6.744
Back Squat= 380
Push Press= 260
Deadlift= 445
Bench= 280

Strongest Coach – Male: Chance Gonzales

Pound for Pound Ratio = 7.092
Back Squat= 350
Push Press= 225
Deadlift= 460
Bench= 270

Strongest Coach – Female: Fabiola Gonzalez

Pound for Pound Ratio = 6.093
Back Squat= 195
Push Press= 130
Deadlift= 275
Bench= 130

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