I think these numbers speak for themselves.  GREAT work last year!  I would like to highlight a few people.  Shaun did an amazing job being super consistent and coming pretty much on average, floods or no floods, 5 days a week!  Coach Chance and Yareth were our top athletes for PR’s last year!  Think about that for a minute.  These athletes not only topped the leader board frequently but beat themselves on a regular basis!  Shaun and Yareth again leading on the social side for most likes!

Our Box had a WHOPPING 3,100 PRs for metcons!!!  We also had another 2,700 PRs from lifts moving an amazing 1.4 Million pounds last year!!! Great work everyone!

I could not be more proud and excited for 2017!  It is truly an honor to watch all of you grow and crush your goals!


Coach Hippo

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