So its 8 pm.   The WOD just posted in WODIFY.  Its “Isabel” 30 Snatch as fast as possible at 135 lbs.  You think to yourself, I can snatch 155 lbs.  I got this.

The next morning you arrive at CrossFit Hippo, nice and early, and begin to stretch.  Conversation regarding the WOD ramps up as athletes begin to stake claim to their place as either Scaled or Rx.

While discussions of strategy and when to rest come up you think, should I scale?  I know I can snatch that weight it will just take me longer.  So what!!! If I can do one I can do 30!  What difference does it make!  Sounds like I am the only one in the class who can snatch that weight. I will place higher on the White Board!  I’m IN RX!

We have all been in similar scenarios to this where a WOD is stretching our capacity in some way.  We have the choice of hitting the target time domain of the WOD or completely missing the point of the workout.  Target time domain is the desired approximate completion time.  For example, Isabel should be done in less than 8 mins.  Elite athletes such as Rich Froning or someone like that can do it in 2 mins or less.  If this workout takes you 15 to 20mins before you complete it or even worse hurt yourself then you missed the point of the workout entirely.  A lot of newer athletes fail to realize that these WODs are designed to fit into a program of workouts.  This program can be built over a week or month or longer.   The designer of the program doesn’t just randomly pick workouts to do each day.  From the outside that might seem the case, however; by programming to work different metabolic pathways (short, medium and long duration) we achieve a huge improvement to our strength and conditioning.  The WODs are select to be diverse in both movement and time domain.  For example,  if you do is short duration WODs with Push press and Pull ups do you think you will be a fast runner or have a decent deadlift?  Not a chance.  We must use a broad spectrum of movements and duration.

All that being said,  when you look at a WOD and your coach suggests a target time domain allow your coach to help you scale as needed to hit the target time domain.  You will have less injuries and see more GAINZ by checking your EGO AT THE DOOR.

Thanks for your time and see you at CrossFit Hippo!

Coach Hippo

Germany's Matthias Steiner is injured when nearly 200kg falls on his head during the men's +105kg weightlifting competition at the London Olympics.


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