GeorgeBeforeFirst let me preface this with I am not very good at controlling my eating habits for a plethora of reasons. That is neither here nor there. I have helped plenty of people excel at this lifestyle to know that it will work given the right execution and hard work.  I am currently 6′-2″ 260 lbs and very unhappy with that so this is the method I will be using to lose the weight.

First Things First

Cut out bread, pasta and sugar. Completely. The less completely you commit to this the longer this process will take and the less fat your will lose per week.

Goal is to lose 1-2 lbs of fat per week.  If you lose more you have a greater chance of losing muscle.  You also have a greater chance of bouncing back into the bad habits we are trying to break.  Results may vary person to person.

What are we trying to feed?

We will gear this nutrition regiment to feed the athlete and starve the fat!  We want to feed the lean muscle and not the FAT.

How do I know how much lean muscle I have you ask? Get in the Body Analytics Truck and find out! Or we can guess by a couple methods. If you are male and have a 6-pack you are about 11% BF or less. If you are less, chances are you don’t really need this post so you can stop reading.  For women, if you have a 6-pack you are probably about 14% or less. Different degrees of definition indicate different percentages. The real honest way to get this number is through hydro static weighing.


Never eat less than: 0.4g protein per pound lean muscle

This is the least amount of protein that your body needs to sustain muscle without major exertion.  This is not enough to recover and grow muscle.

On a Rest/ Recovery day Eat: 0.75g protein per pound lean muscle

On typical WOD day Eat: 1.0g protein per pound lean muscle


Rest/ Recovery day: 0.5g carbs per pound lean muscle

Light Day: 1.0g carbs per pound lean muscle

Moderate Day:  1.5g carbs per pound lean muscle

Heavy Day: 2.0g carbs per pound lean muscle


Keep the fat intake around 0.6g per pound of lean muscle.  We will tweak this as you go through the stages of weight loss.

Types of Days

What is a Light, Moderate and Heavy Day?  I am not going to try to make this very complicated.

Light = No Strength, WODs less than 10 mins Pretty low reps

Moderate = Strength and Metcon, Typical CrossFit Hippo WOD up to 20 mins

Heavy = Strength high reps or Hatch Squats, Metcon 20 + mins or Viking Saturday

Example day – a person with 150 pound lean body weight. 150g Protein, 180g Carbs, 88g Fat

WOD in the afternoon plan.  Re-arrange the training shake to the position in the day that you workout.

Meal 1 7am – 30g Protein, 1 cup veggies, 22g fat, 30g carbs

Meal 2 11am – 30g Protein, 1 cup veggies, 22g fat, 30g carbs

Meal 3 2pm – 30g Protein, 1/2 cup veggies, 22g fat, 30g carbs

Meal 4 5pm – Training Shake 30g protein, 30g carbs WOD at 5:30pm finish your shake no later than 5:15pm.

Meal 5 7pm – 30g Preotein, 1/2 cup veggies, 22g fat, 30g carbs

Do this every day for two weeks and we can flesh in more details from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still drink soda? NO.  Soda is horrible for you and full of sugar.
  • Can I use artificial sweeteners like Splenda and equal?   Even worse than sugar these trick you body into thinking it has consumed sugar that it needs to match insolin with so it releases insulin into the blood sugar only to find out that there is no sugar to match with it.  Thus causing a drop in blood sugar levels and causing you to go find carbs.   Next thing you know you wake up covered in Cheez-its.
  • What about sweet tea? NO full of sugar. Drink unsweetened.
  • What if I can’t give up bread? What if you die fat and unhappy with multiple medical issues due to being obese…SO…  Give it up until you reach your goal.  Remember the tighter your commitment the quicker your results will happen.
  • Can I save up macros one day to the next? No these are your DAILY requirements!
  • It’s my brother’s birthday can I eat cake? Sure if it fits your macros.  But more than likely it’s not going to be worth it.
  • Can I drink beer and alcohol? Sure if it fits your macros. Truth is you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macros.  Trouble will be trying to make that happen.  A little cake is going to be a large portion of your carbs for the day.  Not worth it.
  • What if I save all my carbs til dinner? Timing is an important aspect of this method.  You need to try to eat protein, fat and carbs at each meal.

For the perfect Template to fit your goals, CLICK HERE for our nutrition page!

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